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Create,Manage & Coordinate

Create and manage policies and strategies. Coordinate programs for effectiveness and non- duplication of effort.


Collaborate with partner organizations in program implementation and document on progress made


Community outreach and sensitization initiatives aim to engage with local residents and raise awareness about important social issues.

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Progress report-vision 2030

The members participated in the review of MTP III and drafting of MTPIV. Women Empowerment initiatives has been incorporated into the plan with 3 key intervention namely: The Implementation of women economic empowerment policy 2022, The formulation of unpaid Care and Domestic Work Policy which will reduce care burden on women and enable them engage in gainful socio-economic activities, Women entrepreneurs capacity development through access to finance and financial literacy and utilization of digital platforms to access markets.

National Women Economic Empowerment Policy (NWEEP)-2022

Approval done by National Development Implementation Technical Committee (NDITC) in June 2022

Formulation and Development of Unpaid care work policy

Formation of technical working group has been done and stakeholders consultative forum held

Consultative Forums

Kenyatta University WEE Hub hosted International Women Economic Empowerment Forum.



Next target is to create unity in society


Protection of all human rights in South Africa


Exercising the human rights protection is our main mission


A huge get-together in Miami for Covid19


The volunteers delivered gift hampers to the bereaved in India

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Misson & Vision

Mission: To coordinate gender mainstreaming in national development planning and promote equitable political and socio-economic development for women, men, girls and boys.

Vision: A just, fair and transformed society free from gender discrimination in all spheres of life

Who are we?

This program is aimed at improving the welfare of women and girls. The program includes providing functional skills on entrepreneurship and access to Government Affirmative Action Funds and Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) to Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities.


Years advocating for human rights of all faiths.


Projects across Africa


Partners across 20 counties in Kenya

Our Achievements

The draft NPWEE addresses Women Economic issues and promotes Gender Equality which addresses Gender disparities and promotes equal opportunities

The Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action and Stakeholders are in process of developing a comprehensive National Policy on Unpaid Care.


We help the youth, women and business owners know the options available for funding their businesses. We have helped millions access business loans through raising awareness.


NGAAF-National Government Affirmative Action Fund

Total Disbursed

NGAAF has disbursed KSh 14,660,576,785 since inception to date

FY 2022/2023, the fund disbursed;

Intermediate package complete with all basic and necessary services.

Value addition KSh 471.5 Million

Safe house in Nairobi KSh 41.8 Million

Bursaries KSh 788.6 Million

In the 3rd and 4th quarter KSh 837.2 Million was disbursed to counties for various projects and programmes

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